LG G Pad and Acer Liquid S2 Phone Announced

http://www.i-am-geek.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/LG-G-Tab-8.3-2.jpgLG G Pad and Acer Liquid S2 Phone Announced


Both LG and Acer are fighting it out with their latest product announcements, apparently seeing who can be more ‘HD’ than the other.

LG has returned to the tablet world with their new premium ‘G Pad’ following the same branding as their flagship G2 phone and Acer have just released their own S2 smartphone.  The G-Pad sports an 8 inch full HD display and Acer claims the Liquid S2 is capable of recording 4k or ‘ultra HD’ video.

This is all in advance of the German technology show ‘LFA’ and comes just before a number of rumored announcements from various companies.

The LG G Pad has a screen just over 8 inches, which is capable of delivering 273 pixels per inch (ppi), an impressive boast to be fair.  Another feature of note is LG’s patented QPair app, this allows you to pair your G Pad with other Android smartphones so everything can be handled from a larger tablet screen.

Acer’s Liquid S2 has a slightly lower pixel density on its screen but is capable of recording that eye-popping 4k video, of course you would need an incredibly expensive 4k TV to appreciate it though.  Impressively, the Liquid S2 will be packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and we will likely see rival devices with the same CPU being announced very soon.


So despite both of these devices offering impressive stats and specs, they are not so much ground-breaking, just early to announcement.  The technology was already there but to be fair, they have adopted it quickly.  Very soon we will start to see various high-end devices announced from the big tech companies with the most notable and highly anticipated example being Samsung’s smartwatch dubbed ‘Galaxy Gear’.  This is a very exciting point in the tech calendar and I think these two recent announcements could just be a taster of things to come.

Source – LG

Via – BBC

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